Cookie Usage

Cookie Usage

What are Cookies?

Also known as browser cookies or tracking cookies, cookies are small, often encrypted text files, located in browser directories. These are used us to help users navigate our websites efficiently and perform certain functions. Due to their core role of enhancing/enabling usability or site processes, disabling cookies may prevent users from using certain areas of the website.

Cookies are created when a user's browser loads a particular website. The website sends information to the browser which then creates a text file. Every time the user goes back to the same website, the browser retrieves and sends this file to the website's server.

These cookies aren't used to identify you personally but they can remember activities and preferences chosen by you and your browser.

You can manage cookies by controlling which cookies are saved or by deleting them, if you wish. For managing and deleting cookies for different browsers see here .

Cookies used on our website:


This is a session* cookie which is required for controlling the appearance of the pages and enabling the user to navigate around the site. This cookie is deleted when the user leaves the website.


These are used to remember when you have approved the use of cookies on this website. They are persistant* cookies and expire in 3 months (if the website is not visited again within 3 months the cookies will automatically expire).


*There are two types of cookies: session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies are created temporarily in the users browser while they are visiting a website. Once they leave the site, the session cookie is deleted. On the other hand, persistent cookie files remain in the browser and are activated again once the user visits the website that created that particular cookie. A persistent cookie remains in the browser for the duration period set within the cookie's file.


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